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Black Ops 2 the sequel to the very well received original game Black Ops is a very good first person action game with 3 main types, multiplayer, campaign and zombies,

I think that multiplayer is very good but quite inaccurate to some extent as when you shoot someone in the head they wont die which is a bit stupid, I haven’t played campaign much but I enjoy playing Zombies! It is very fun to play solo and with other people online and there are lots of challenges which you can do, i would recommend zombies as it is most fun part of black ops 2 in my opinion because it is very challenging and each time you go on it, you try and get to higher rounds and there are alot of Easter eggs to complete which can turn songs on.

There is a lot to accomplish on zombies and will certainly keep you entertained for hours on end! Back to multiplayer, it is very entertaining and also gets you very annoyed when you get killed which makes you want to keep on and on playing, there are a range of guns and attachments, there is a gun for everybody so if you don’t find a gun that you like then just add attachments and you wont stop playing! once you start using a gun you earn comas and its very rewarding when you get gold camo, I believe Zombies is the best part of call of duty black ops 2 but when you get bored you can always switch to multiplayer for a bit, very entertaining game and will keep you up for hours on ends!


Xbox One or PS4?

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We are all awaiting the release of these 2 consoles greatly but which one is the one you are looking forward most to buying?